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Aquarium Dry Rock-Live Rock Replacement

oceanite aquarium live rock

Intelligent Advantages

1. Cutting Edge Nano Science

2. Increased Surface Area & Scalability

3. Customization to Site & Species Specifications



IntelliReefs Oceanite Modules for Personal & Home Aquariums

Base Rock or Shelf Rock

Screenshot 2023-06-23 134647.jpg

Wholesale Bulk IntelliReefs Oceanite for Large-Scale Installations and Distributors

Podium Dive Reef Underwater  A.png

Bespoke Designed 
Aquatechture and Aquascapes

IntelliReefs up close 3.jpg

Oceanite is a complex matrix of minerals, developed specifically for diverse animal growth and immediate integration within local ecosystems. We use Oceanite to construct our self-healing IntelliReefs modules. 

Bioengineering Restoration Solutions 

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Reef Life Foundation 


19 S 1st Street #B207 

Minneapolis, Mn, 55401 1806 

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