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What is Oceanite?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Oceanite is a complex matrix of minerals, developed specifically for diverse animal growth and immediate integration within local ecosystems. We use Oceanite to construct our self-healing IntelliReefs modules.

Check out our Youtube page for more in-depth videos on Oceanite.

Bioengineering Restoration Solutions

IntelliReefs are currently the only restoration solution on the market that creates bio-enhancing substrates that mimic natural reef development and foster growth on a large scale over a very short amount of time. The race against climate change and reef degradation calls for a scalable, natural solution to ensure that limited resources are spent on solutions that will produce results and achieve global conservation imperatives for reefs.

What Makes Oceanite Unique?

We listened to nature in the design of our exclusive Oceanite mineral mixtures. Oceanite is formulated from 20 years of nano-materials expertise in collaboration with leading marine conservation laboratories to address the most pressing restoration needs in the ocean.


Because marine habitats have location-specific requirements, we created Oceanite to be completely customizable to promote coral, kelp, and fish species-specific growth.


Unlike many artificial reef alternatives, the pH of Oceanite mineral mixtures is customizable, which allows us to create ideal growth conditions for target species by fine-tuning and controlling substrate pH. Portland cement can burn animal tissues when they come into contact with it because it has a pH around 12. Oceanite mixtures can currently attain a pH as low as 8.1, corresponding directly to the surrounding ocean’s pH value.


The complex system of pores produced by our mixtures optimizes animal settlement by creating more surface area per square inch for animals to live in. This enhances biodiversity and protects early growth stages of marine species.


Our mixtures and designs are engineered to optimize strength and durability and can withstand marine storms and conditions for hundreds of years.

Creating Homes and Food for the Ocean's Homeless

"When a coral lands on this, it feels like it's at home."

- Melody Brenna, CEO

To further support the oceans, donate to our non-profit foundation here.

An interior shot of colonized Oceanite after 14 months.

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